I went through some personally very difficult times in the last 2 years.  But during those times, it was my patients I was involved with caring for, who helped to solidify some key principals in my life I have always known to be true but were put to the test.  I would like to reiterate them briefly right now but will be putting out some videos in the very near future to explain these concepts in more detail.  Remember the following 3 things:
1 – Only when you have experienced darkness, can you truly appreciate the Light.  So be grateful that you are able to appreciate the contrast and have a greater value and appreciation for the LIGHT.
2 – Whenever something unplanned and undesired happens in your life, say a prayer of gratitude and embrace it.  What you perceive as “bad” now, is the necessary change to allow the GOOD to come in.  I learned since the age of 17, this habit.  And EVERY time, whether a week or a year later, had the “bad” thing that seemed bad at the time, not happened, the incredible BLESSING that came afterward, would not have been able to occur.  So say a prayer of thanks regardless of what happens.  One of my patients gave me a book a few years ago, called, “What Ever Happens, Love That”.  The title says it all.
3 – And lastly, Evolution is turmoil…but growth can’t occur without turmoil.  Rejoice in that knowledge.  The old must be shed before the new can come in.  This happens on a daily basis in our bodies, whether it’s our skin, or our intestinal lining or any other physiological response.  We see this constantly in nature.  It is after the pruning of a tree, that the new buds come in and produce more fruit/flowers than before the pruning.  So recognize the chaos in your life and embrace it, because even though at the time it may be painful, it is evidence of growth and progression and characteristic of the evolutionary process.  It is your opportunity to grow.